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If you do not have a medical marijuana card with New Roots as your provider please leave this page immediately. This is private information for New Roots patients only and is in no way to be used or viewed as an advertisement. Sorry if that sounds harsh but it is the law and we follow it strictly.

New Roots Inc Medical Cannabis


4 Corners Kush

-Blueberry Silvertip

-Black Lime Special Reserve

-Gorilla Glue #4


-Afghan Star

East Coast Sour Diesel

Super Lemon OG Kush

Sour Apple Glue

-Dream Queen

-Salmon River OG Kush

-White Russian

-Night Nurse

-Tsi Tsi Fly

-Harlequin X Ms Universe

Please check our rotation menu to determine if the starin you are looking for is currently available


***High CBD, Low THC Flower Strains***

-Charlotte's Web see info below

 -Charlotte's Web(high CBD)

   -If you know what charlottes web is then you know how important this strain is to medical cannabis. 

For those that don't know what we are talking about please follow this link:

Charlotte's Web Story

Our test results on Charlotte's Web are as follows:

Thc: 0.7%

CBD: 15.1%

Incredible to say the least. 

Feel free to contact Doug if you have any questions about it.

For ordering information and prices or if you have any questions or are unsure of anything please contact Doug at 406.600.4662 Please leave a message if there is no answer. For a faster response we recommend texting if possible. 



-Cherry Pez


*Some new items in our concentrates selection*

-Live resin

   -Sold in gram and half gram increments. Live is the consistency of honey more or less and is typically extremely strong medically and full of flavor. It is made in a way very similar to shatter using solvents.

-CO2 Extract

   -Sold in gram and half gram syringes.  CO2 extract is considered possibly the cleanest extract available besides rosin or water hash. It is made using liquid CO2 which is basically harmless. Most people consider CO2 extract as a solventless extract. Strong and full of flavor.

Please text Doug at 406.600.4662, or call Mike or Jenn at 406=868=6123 for current prices and availability

Everyone PLEASE check your expiration dates! We have a lot of patients cards expiring soon and don't want to turn anyone away because they are expired. Do not put it off to the last minute.

We are purposefully leaving prices off of the menu until we are sure we can put them on and be in compliance with the state's new regulations.

Everything else:


   -Cake pops

      -White chocolate with strawberry cake

      -White & milk chocolate swirl w/ vanilla cake

   -Chocolates(very few)

   -Hard Candy

     (please check on availability)

We also have a small selection of pipes, rolling papers, vaporizers, blunt tubes and wraps, 2 and 3 piece grinders and more. If there's something you need and want us to deliver it with your order then please feel free to contact us. We understand many patients like to keep their medical use very private so if there's something you need that we don't have please let us know and we will get it for you one way or another so you don't have to worry about being seen walking into a glass shop.

We also have a glass artist working for us and he loves to make patients custom pieces and is very fairly priced.

If you need help ordering just call or text Doug at 406.600.4662 (or Mike and Jenn in Great Falls at 406=868=6123 and we will be happy to help.

Please see note at bottom of page.

We are confident that you will not find better prices for this level of quality anywhere in Montana! We take pride in that and work to keep it that way. With that in mind, however, we are being forced to slightly increase prices to meet the requirements of the state's new regulations. Here's a few of the new fees we are facing: mandatory testing(~$1500/month and higher), 4% sales tax, drastically increased provider fees($50 in 2017, $5000 in 2018), dispensary license(free in the past $500 a year now), extracting license fee($75 last year $500 a year now) and much much more in the form of shop upgrades to meet expectations of inspectors. As you can see, we simply can't keep the prices where they have been and meet these increases in business expenses. And if you are familiar with federal cannabis tax law, we are unable to write off 95% of what normal businesses can write off, like our gasoline costs for driving to Great Falls for deliveries for example. So unfortunately what this all means is we will be forced to raise prices in order to stay in business. We are planning on implementing a loyalty program to reward patients for their continued loyalty and developing a pricing program that still makes some strains available for a lower price than others. We will also occasionally be offering strains for clearance pricing for when patients are on a tight budget. We are very aware of how difficult it is to make ends meet in this day and age and have tried hard to keep from raising prices but we have reached a point where we simply do not have a choice. But we believe that we can still make it work for everyone. So with that said, we will let everyone know of the new pricing as soon as possible so everyone can budget accordingly. As always, we truly appreciate each and every one of our patients and look forward to meeting everyone's medical cannabis needs for the foreseeable future!

Thank you all so much!


The entire New Roots MT team!

An important note for all New Roots MT Patients: