All strains are $200 per ounce and $100 per half ounce. Quarters and eighths are available too. Contact your local provider for pricing.


Candy bars, nerd ropes, cookies, brownie bites, rice crispy treats, etc. We are always looking to add to our edible line. Prices start as low as $5 each.


With the new law we are able to sell concentrates legally for the first time in Montana. We are working on getting inventory and will have them available asap. Shatter, wax, rosin, etc. $20 to $30 per gram.


Coconut oil caps $1 each, KindPen Vape Pen with full cartridge, battery and charger $40, replacement cartridge $20, infused eliquid $25/10ml. Pipes, papers, blunt wraps, vaporizers and more are also available at our Bozeman dispensary.