At New Roots we are always trying to find new strains that work for our patients. We currently have over 35 revolving strains in rotation. Most days we have at least 10 strains ready for purchase. We will keep this page updated with our current rotation of strains to the best of our abilities. For the most current list of what strains are available for purchase please give us a call.

Blue Dream

Blue dream is a mostly sativa hybrid found in many medical gardens across the United States. Being a satvia dominant strain blue dream is great for stress, depression, pain, headaches and more. It has a sweet berry aroma and taste.

Kosher Tangie

Kosher Tangie is perhaps the most fragrant strain in our collection! Our phenotype is a large sativa dominant hybrid that produces high quality medical flowers. It is great for depression, stress, appetite stimulation, pain and muscle spasms among others. It has the typical musky smell of kush strains but with an overwhelming scent of citrus from the tangie genetics. It is definitely worth a try if you have never experienced it.

Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze is another of the most popular strains at New Roots. Pretty much entirely sativa, we chose to grow this strain many years ago after it won the cannabis cup in amsterdam back to back years. The flavor and smell are unbeatable. The super part of lemon still doesn't explain how strong this strain smells of lemon. "It smells more like lemons than lemons smell like lemons!" one patient has told us. It provides a soaring head high that is great for depression among other ailments.

Purple Cole Trinity

Purple Cole Trinity is nature's answer to anxiety. It has deep purple and green hues with almost neon orange hairs. It is an indica in every way. It provides a very relaxing body high that will melt away your anxiety and stress. An all around great medical strain as it also provides for good pain relief as well.

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